Who we are


StarBuds has joined forces with other growers, caregivers, and professionals in order to address the political, state and federal issues concerning medical marijuana. StarBuds invites you to become active in order to promote compassionate care for yourself and our patients.

Mission Statement

  • >> To provide patients with a safe and measureable herbal alternative to dangerous & addictive pharmaceuticals.
  • >> To help lead the way in changing the image of medical cannabis into that of a bona fide medical asset for patients by increasing the standards of the Michigan Medical Marijuana industry.
  • >> To provide education & resources to patients, families, safe access points, and the public in regards to the holistic health benefits of cannabis.

The StarBuds Promise

Our focus is on providing the best customer service in a friendly, warm and professional atmosphere. When you come to Star Buds, we want you to feel at home.

We are committed to offering the best quality meds for qualified and registered patients.